Wireframes & prototypes

I design wireframes to communicate with graphic designers and developers. I usually prototype interface applications using paper or digital tools for a more hi fi result.

Besides, one of the best ways to verify the interactivity and design idea is by prototyping and testing it!


Sony eCommerce and Marketing, Sony Europe Support and Sony Europe Community.


UX benchmark, Interaction design and prototypes.


High level thumb flows, Desktop and Mobile Detailed wireframes, RWD Prototypes, Infographics for Marketing and eCommerce presentations.

My Role

Interaction designer in a HCD team. Close relation with graphic designer and front end developers in Belgium and UK.


Sony eCommerce Purchase flow

Sony Support Europe

Sony European Community

Sony Online store

Sony Support RWD wireframe Desktop and Mobile
Sony community desktop wireframe
Sony support product page detailed wireframe
Sony support product page RWD wireframe in situation

More portfolio examples

design systems
information architecture
user experience
live sketching