Live Sketching

Visualise your thoughts.
I sketch live. My role is to grasp the essential of talks to transform words and abstract concepts into meaningful visualizations.
Making those thoughts tangible allows everyone to be on the same page and to see how their ideas interconnect.
Sketchnotes have the power to make things more clear!


EuroIA 2016 Conference - “Connected Things Amongst Us”.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 22-24 September 2016


Live sketch 13 talks, 3 workshops and 3 major keynotes during the 3 consecutive days of conference.
Daily publication on the website by the editorial team.


22 sketchnote boards in A2 format. Including speakers portraits and conference branded elements.

My Role

Sketchnoter in residence. (Sponsored by Mailchimp)


EuroIA 2016 website

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Photos from the conference

Videos from the conference

Nadia sketching on a board
Sketchnote Taxonomy and UX workshop by Dave Cooksey
Sketchnote Designing for Connected Health by Reinoud Bosman
Sketchnote Make Privacy Usable by Philipp Morkwosky
Sketchnote UX for connected Products by Claire Rowland

All those gorgeous photos were taken by Peter Vermaercke

More portfolio examples

design systems
information architecture
user experience
wireframes & prototypes