Nádia Ferreira

Senior user experience designer with a knack for drawing and a no-nonsense design attitude.
User experience and interaction designer in start ups, large corporations and design agencies. 

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Design process

Problem space

Understand what it is that we are solving. Make complex problems clear.


Consider all design solutions that could solve that problem. Iterate and improve quality by throwing away.

Design playfield

Create within constraints. Master with diverse perspectives and cross skills collaboration.

Process and prioritization

Prioritize efforts and features based on user needs and tech implementation. Bring impact where the future matters.

See it in action on some of my early-career portfolio work:

user experience
information architecture
context mapping & scenario
wireframes & prototypes
live sketching

Quite old suff here, I will update this section soon ...

Skills and tools
I use in my design process (for now)

Accessibility design standards, Concept visualization, Design documentation, Design patterns, Design software (Sketch, Adobe CS, InVision, Axure, etc.), Design strategy, Design system, Digital product design, End-user interview, Field research, Focus groups, Html and css knowledge to take design decisions, Human-computer interaction, Ideas and concepts generation, Information architecture, Interaction design, Mentor, Mobile UX design and patterns, Navigation flows, Prioritization of features, Prototype of flows and micro interactions, Responsive web design, Service design, Sketching, Sketch-notes, Speaker, Style guide, Task analysis, Team collaboration and productivity of cross-functional teams, Team process improvements, UX benchmark, Usability test, User experience design, User flows, User journey, User personas, User research, User-centered design, Visual communication, Web design patterns, Wireframe, and Workshop facilitation.

What makes me happy?

Design and build flexible solutions.

Work with an international team where knowledge, design expertise and loud laughs can be shared on a regular basis.

Be part of a design and development team, collaborate, create and deliver user experiences solutions, before hitting production.

It is not about the deliverables - It is about the end user.

Be humble, curious, thrive for collaboration, throw away often and early, drive quality and deliver impact.

- My quote!


Fanatic of live sketching at meetings and conferences
Have a look!

Loud music listener

Don't worry, I put on my headphones on!

Small talker

Portuguese, English, French and small talk in Greek

Be curious

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