Nádia Ferreira

User Experience Designer of Digital Products

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Nadia presenting work


  • User-centered design
  • Digital product design
  • Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Visual communication


  • User research
  • Task analysis and navigation flows
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Web and mobile design patterns
  • Sketching
Nadia drawing

Design process

Working with the user at an early (and every) stage of the design process is the key to design usable products with the way they intend to. My design decisions come from user research combined with never ending reading, personal experience and a lot of creativity.

See it in action with some of my portfolio work:

user experience
information architecture
context mapping & scenario
wireframes & prototypes
live sketching

Last updated: 2016, quite old suff...

What makes me happy?

Work with an international team where knowledge, design expertise and loud laughs can be shared on a regular basis.

Develop my skills in an user-centered environment.

Design for Web and Mobile.


Fanatic of live sketching at meetings and conferences
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Loud music listener

Don't worry, I put on my headphones on!

Small talker

Portuguese, English, French and small talk in Greek

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